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Amazon Echo by Amazon 8 Stars


Technologically advanced portable boombox with good sound quality and connectivity like Wifi and Bluetooth. It is more than a portable wireless speaker because it comes with a virtual personal assistant which helps to dive into the future with voice control. Voice control features offers commands such as playing music on demand, ordering a taxi, checking the weather and more.

There are apps available to download on your phone in order to configure your Amazon Echo. Once set up you are ready to start sending voice commands.

Sample Amazon Alexa commands:

Whats the new movies at the theater?

Google nearest restaurant.

What should I wear tonight?

Set me timer for 15 minutes.

Set alarm for tomorrow at 8am.

How long will it take me to drive to 28 Morse avenue, New York.

and so forth…

If you have used Google’s ok google app which does tasks for you, then you have already tasted the Amazon Echo. More than that you can control Smart Home devices such as controlling lights, fans, kettles, power outlets, thermostats and much more to come in the near future.

How to use Amazon Echo

You activate the Amazon Echo by saying the keyword “Alexa” followed by your command once the blue light on top illuminates to confirm that its ready to perform.

The volume control level is from zero to ten from lowest volume to highest which of course you can set by voice command. You can also play, stop or pause the music you listening to or schedule it with a timer.

The sound level is high enough to be perfect sound booster however in parties it may struggle to keep the room filled with loud music, unless it’s something to be played in the background.


  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Voice Control
  • Personal Assistant
  • Smart Home
  • Order Uber
  • Teach Skills
  • Just Eat
  • Order Pizza
  • Create Shopping List
  • Find Your Phone
Good design
Skill training
Voice recognition
Control smart home
Hands free
Voice control
Easy to carry
Ask directions
Limited choice of music streams
Has to keep connected to power outlet
No aux jack
English only
Lacks portable charging
Amazon Echo

What is Amazon Echo?
In short voice controlled Bluetooth and wifi capable boombox!

Can you rename the command from Alexa to something else?
Yes you can.

Is there subscription fee to music services?
There aren’t any fixed monthly fee unless you decide to go ad free.

Can you control lights with it?

Can you do voice calls over it?
You can do Ooma calls and for Skype read discussion here

What colors are available
White and black.

Who should buy Amazon Echo

Gadget enthusiast who loves music and not afraid of buying Amazon brand products. Great feature is smart home control and voice commands. Something to keep you amused while to listen to something you enjoy.

Amazon Echo Review Scored 8 Stars
Amazon Echo

Highly Recommend It!
8 Stars

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